Cuba New Mexico: Historic Town, Memorable Cabin

Landscape picture of a Northern New Mexico sytle ranch in Cuba New Mexico. Bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds and surrounding mountain terrain.

Ever wanted to learn more about this hidden gem of a city? Just a little over an hour from Albuquerque, Cuba offers proximity to the beautiful Santa Fe National Forest and scenic drives. Join ABQExpert as she explores this “naturally wonderful” Northern New Mexican city!

Less than an hour and a half away from Albuquerque, Cuba offers more than just a scenic drive. It is an escape to a little more quiet and a lot of natural beauty. Albuquerque is full of scenic wonders, but it is always nice to fall in love with something new. At the base of the Santa Fe National Forest, Cuba has killer views of the surrounding mountains and one of a kind New Mexico blue skies. Not only are their rich views to take in, the town is full of a rich history. 

A, Very, Brief History of Cuba New Mexico 

Cuba, or as it is defined in Spanish, cask or barrel, did not always have that namesake. When it was originally settled in 1776 by a small handful of pioneers, it was known as Nacimeinto or sometimes La Laguna. It wasn’t until families were chased out and the town was re-settled in the late 1800’s that it got its current name, Cuba. 

A basin at the edge of the Santa Fe National forest, Cuba was a fertile escape for cattle ranchers. Cattle and other natural resources such as minerals (like copper) and timber helped to drive the local economy. Cuba eventually succumbed to overgrazing like many Northern New Mexican towns. Cuba’s many names, Cuba, La Laguna (lake or body of water), and Na’azísí Bito’ (Gophers’ Water) all refer to water as a resource to the land. However, with the overgrazing and arroyo-cutting there was severe diminishment of usable water for crops and farm animals. 

While the town is small and not as active as it was in the early twentieth century, it offers a chance at escape from the hustle and bustle of surrounding metro areas. A chance to isolate and reconnect with the natural world. 

Interested in learning more about Cuba? Check out New Mexico True’s article, the Jemez Valley HIstory page, and Esther V.Cordova May’s Antes: Stories from the Past : Rural Cuba, New Mexico, 1769-1949.

Cuba New Mexico Real Estate

With five current/active listings in all of Cuba (listed on the greater Albuquerque area’s MLS), Cuba’s real estate market activity isn’t as active as the surrounding metropolitan areas. These include Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe which have all seen dramatic changes in their real estate availability due to Covid-19 and the economy. However, that is true for many rural locales. Three of those listings mentioned are listed by the Hester team in my office. Let’s explore one of those homes: 18 Southern All Around Road

Join ABQExpert (Associate Broker, Elizabeth Benedict) on a virtual tour of this cabin by the mountains!

A Look Inside

This lovely cabin is a classic Northern New Mexican ranch style home. The home itself is full of charm, natural light, and amazing views! It is designed with Rastra construction. Rastra is insulating concrete forms. It is both economically and environmentally friendly. It keeps the house warmer in the winters and cooler in the summers. Some of my favorite features about this home include the nearly five acres of land that come with it, the courtyard and patios, natural wood touches, and open layout. Let’s look inside!

Image courtesy of the MLS

Five Acres

Like I mentioned before, this beautiful cabin is not just a great home, it is a great home with almost five acres that come with it. It offers privacy, escape, and a sense of isolation while still being close to some neighbors and major roads. With so much land the possibilities are endless. Go horses? Bring them along. Want to raise some goats and chickens? Try it out. Need space to just breathe? You got it here. 

Image courtesy of the MLS

Courtyard and Patio

When you first drive up to the home, you are greeted with a lovely adobe wall leading into the main front courtyard. It offers a sense of privacy and classic Pueblo/New Mexican touch. Not only do you get this gorgeous front porch. It stretches the length of the front home. I can imagine some rocking chairs or a porch swing. Some place to take a load off and enjoy the view that surrounds the home. The porch and patio doesn’t wrap around back, but you do have another long porch at the back of the home. Offering more opportunities for entertainment or relaxation. 

Image courtesy of the MLS

Natural Wood Touches

This home feels rustic when you come inside and not a bad way either! Rustic in the sense that you are surrounded with wood. Not too much wood–just enough to make you feel like you are living in a mountain cabin (and you would be)! There are wood, tongue and groove ceilings in the main living area, wood frames around doors and windows, and gorgeous hickory cabinets in the kitchen. 

Open Layout

Speaking of the kitchen and living area, this home is open and simple. It offers a clean layout and feeling of warmth. The kitchen is there when you first enter the home and offers a fair amount of storage. It looks directly into the main living area (and stunning mountain views). The layout has two smaller bedrooms to one side of the home and the primary bedroom on another. It’s a compact layout, but offers an additional sense of privacy and separation of spaces. 

Image courtesy of the MLS

Want to see more about what Cuba has to offer? Want to tour this home in person or others like it? Reach out today and let’s write the next chapter of your homeownership story!