New Mexico Home Renovations: Golden Gate Transformation

before and after photos of an albuquerque ranch style home with the words "NM home renovations" and "Golden Gate" displayed next to them

Explore the amazing renovation of this Northeast Heights Albuquerque ranch with ABQExpert. From dated to modern you’ll be amazed at this transformation!

Explore this completely renovated NE Heights Albuquerque home with Associate Broker, Elizabeth Benedict. You’ll be amazed by the transformation!

Vintage Suburban Albuquerque

Throughout the 1950’s and 60’s the neighborhoods of Northeast heights Albuquerque were quickly developed into hot and coming suburban paradises to call home. These neighborhoods offered escape from the hustle and bustle while still being close to amenities. The Holiday Park neighborhood sandwiched between Candelaria and Comanche near the foothills is no exception. With such incredible neighborhoods to call home, many stayed and basked in the glory of their homes without changing many of the original features. Unfortunately, some homes were not as loved, their original charm quickly falling wayside to being dated, cramped, and not so cozy.

Albuquerque is home to all sorts of charming architectural finds and plenty of recent renovations. Some groups work with the original features others entirely transform. In the case of 12009 Golden Gate, the owners took a small, confined, and drab home and turned into a modern dream. Let’s go take a look!

Golden Gate Transformation

Check out the transformation of this 1960’s Albuquerque ranch house!

Nestled near the foothills in the Holiday Park neighborhood, this 1960’s ranch has been completely transformed. The exterior, once sun kissed brick with overgrown wilds around turned into a black and white modern dream with desert friendly xeriscaping.

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Images courtesy of MLS and sellers.

We’ll take a look at the three biggest rooms to change: the kitchen, the main bathroom, and the primary bedroom suite.

The Kitchen

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Images courtesy of MLS and sellers.

The original kitchen was very, original. Dated fixtures and cabinets made this room feel drab. While 1960’s kitchens have their charm, when they are forgotten they quickly become gloomy. The laminate counters and original appliances gave this home a date that was far from the 21st century. Making it feel like a long forgotten relic of the past. The biggest damper on the room was the wall. The wall, forcing the kitchen into a galley. Streamlined and confined. 

The transformation shows light, bright, and openness. Mainstream modernity that has become an expectation of many buyers. Homeowners today want to see and live. Many do not want a separation of living (and roles) to be had. Not only that, an open concept greatly helps a smaller home. This ranch home on Golden Gate sits just over 1400 square feet. Not very large and when walls go up it feels even smaller. 

Some other marvelous additions to the kitchen include quartz counters, stainless steel appliances, and white and gray two toned cabinets with sleek hardware. 

The Main Bathroom

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Images courtesy of MLS and sellers.

Much like the former kitchen, this main bathroom was incredibly dated. Original tile, a burnt orange color tone, and flooring that has seen better days. It was long, narrow, and confined. While some of these color tones would be cool in the present day, when the tile and flooring is not maintained it is hard to fall in love with those vintage touches. 

The transformation did not change the layout of the bathroom, however the new additions made the room feel bigger and brighter. The flooring sees more of the same beautiful color scheme with wide planked tiles. The colors help to keep the whole home feeling cohesive and tied together. The vanity pulls in both the white and gray tones that we saw in the kitchen. The combination makes the whole room feel light and bright (which in turn makes it feel bigger). I love the addition of the large framed mirror. Another touch that makes things feel spacious. The shower and tub combo has a subway tile surround and my favorite vintage feeling “hot” and “cold” handles. More light comes in through the window next to the toilet making things even brighter. 

The Primary Bedroom Suite

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Images courtesy of MLS and sellers.

This holiday park home is a three bedroom with all the bedrooms off to one side of the home. The primary bedroom is across from the two smaller rooms. Originally the room was dated in the since of flooring, closet, and the en suite bathroom. Typically, many of these older homes have a small bathroom attached. Nothing quite like the HUGE bathrooms we see attached to new builds. The smallness is not as much of a problem as the neglected feel we get from the original bathroom in this home. Again, dated fixtures and a tiny vanity and shower space made this bathroom feel like it belonged on a train not inside a home. The closet attached was small as well not offering much space for storage. 

The transformation brings the same flooring seen in the front rooms and hallway, tying spaces together and keeping the same modern feel throughout. The primary bedroom feels bigger in since the closest is opened up and the attached bathroom is completely overhauled. New vanity, flooring, and a tile surround inside the shower stall makes this en suite bathroom feel like it is part of a boutique hotel. 

I love that this home’s transformation took something dated and unloved and turned it into a contemporary, boutique dream. It feels like home with it’s bright and open layout. Bringing this home out of the 60’s and into the 21st century! 

Are you interested in seeing this home in person? Thinking of buying or selling in the greater Albuquerque area? Want to explore more local renovations? Reach out today and let’s write the next chapter of your homeownership story!